EvolutionM- Great message board for Evo owners

Lancer Register - An excellent Evo message board.  Be careful though - they're Brits.

The Nut Cracker - my friend Will's site, mainly about his Evo 8 track car and his quest for improved lap times.

DP.net - Dennis Palatov's personal website detailing his ever-changing collection of gas-powered toys, as well as the creation of a sportscar of his own unique design.

Gunnar Racing - I find this site absolutely fascinating.  The history, the attention to detail, and the subjects of their restoration work are just amazing.  If I didn't hate hot weather + high humidity + fiberglass dust I might have already applied to work there.  Seriously.

Pitchit Was Here - My cousin's website, mostly about desert racing.

Murray Motor Imports - Living in the Denver area and looking for a new BMW automobile? Please consider contacting a good friend of mine - Mr. Tony Zarcone.

StopTech - An aftermarket brake components manufacturer.  I highly recommend their technical papers.

Animated Engines - If you are curious how engines work, but have had a hard time picturing it in your mind, check out this site. He's done a fantastic job of putting various engines in motion.

Sniffpetrol - an irreverant e-magazine about the automotive industry and racing.  If you're not already a fan of David Coulthard, they won't talk you out of it.  Not exactly safe for work.



Motorcycle Safety Resource Guide - This site has some good information for new riders.

Adventure Rider - Motorcycling in all its many forms plus great photography.  What could be better?

TwoWheelFemales - a message board for and by female riders. Its like the motorcycle message boards I frequent but with useful discussions and without the stupid arguments. Hmmmm. Wonder why?

ApriliaForum - The best forum for Aprilia owners.

Calsportbike - This is an online shop run by my good friend Todd Robinson in L.A. If you need gear or parts for your sportbike, take a look at this site.

Motorcycle Daily - A good e-magazine for staying abreast of the sportbike industry.

South Bay Riders - A local (San Jose, CA-area) motorcycle forum where participants tend to act respectfully towards one another. 

Pacific Northwest Riders - I was lucky enough to have run into a few of their members during my Montana roadtrip.  Great bunch of guys.

Gearing Commander - A great site for evaluating gear/sprocket changes on your motorcycle.

Jason Pridmore's Star School - I attended a 2-day school at Pahrump, Nevada a few years back and had a great time. Get a ride with Jason if you can!

Roadrider - One of the best places in the bay area for motorcycle gear and tires. One of the few shops I will allow to touch my bike (the wheels, at least).  Great service and prices.

MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I can't stress enough the importance of new motorcycle riders taking their basic course. Just go.

Masters Group - A ton of great motorcycle articles from experienced riders.

Bike Magazine - THE motorcycle magazine.  A little expensive to get here in the States but well worth it.

City Bike - A weekly motorcyle newspaper based out of San Francisco.  Distributed free locally, but subscriptions are available.

Cycle World Magazine - Kevin Cameron is a very smart man. Buy CW if for no other reason than to read his TDC column each month.



Digg - Always something new and interesting at this user-driven news/link aggregator.

ETN.fm - Streaming music.

DI.fm - Streaming music.



Reason Magazine - Thought-provoking articles on a variety of current subjects.  Updated daily.

EconTalk - A friend played one of their podcasts while driving non-stop across the US.  Highly recommended.

The Federalist Society - "...it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. "

Ron Paul - 'When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail'. Dr. Paul is one of the few pointing out that the Federal Government has become the American public's golden hammer. 

The Libertarian Party - the social freedoms of the Democrats combined with the fical conservatism of the Republicans - what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the rule book for this place.



Exo5 - This is my friend's software company.  Use it to keep track of your computer inventory - especially when it disappears, goes unused, or gets 'reassigned' by your employees.  Great product.

The Truth About Mortgage - I met the owner of this site recently.  Very nice guy and a good resource for everything home buying-related.