New Rider's Guide

-This was the original reason for starting this website back in 2002. If you are new to riding or considering getting started, please have a look.


Montana Road Trip

- I took a nice road trip on my Tuono this past summer. Things didn't go exactly as planned. Click here to read about it.


Ride to Brookings, Oregon

-These are just some photos I took while riding my Tuono to and from a relaxing weekend in Brookings.


Legend of the Motorcycle Concours - 2008

- Year three and the event continues to grow, drawing in more spectators and even better bikes from around the globe.


Legend of the Motorcycle Concours - 2007

-This was the second event held so far. If you like classic motorcycles of all kinds you should plan on attending in 2008.  Click here to see what you missed.

Aprilia Tuono

-I've been fortunate enough to own a lot of great bikes but this is really the best so far.


Aprilia RS250

-I sure hope Aprilia offers an updated version. Read about the 1st generation model here.


GRM Restoration

-Be patient following along as I assist a friend in restoring a unique little American/Mexican motorcycle.


Dainese Airstream Course Bluetooth Helmet

-Read my review of this helmet.



-Here is a simple formula to see the effects of gearing changes on acceleration.



-Ever thought about competing in autocrosses but on a motorcycle?  It's been done. Take a look.


Yamaha M1

-Photos of Yamaha's 50th Anniversary M1, U.S. Edition


Suzuki RGV500 Gamma

-Photos of Kenny Roberts Jr.'s championship-winning RGV500 from the 2000 season of Moto500.