Mini Rebuild


Step 70 - Stator Replacement


I know it has been a while but here is the latest. The car started and ran towards the end of last year (2014). I got the car registered and insured for the road. I took it around the block several times on short test drives. Things were never 100% though. The shifting would only work sporadically and several times the car died and refused to restart. Very disappointing.


I eventually traced the problem back to the R1's stator (similar to a car's alternator). These do tend to go bad and since the engine I bought was used, so this made sense. I was relieved to find that the stator could be replaced without removing the engine but it took a lot of head-scratching and working in tight confines. The stator is covered by the rotor (the magnetic portion of the system) and is not only bolted to the end of the crankshaft, it is also press fit (or interference fit) onto the end of the crank. Removing it was proving impossible until I bought an upgraded air impact wrench. A few quick hits of that and the rotor came flying off.


So the Mini went right back on the road? Sadly, no. Life started gettting in the way of my plans. That was only half of it though - I really was burnt out on the whole thing. To be this close and take an extended break sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what happened. The good news is that last week I finally picked up my wrenches again and got to it. I bolted the new stator on, reinstalled the rotor, installed a new gasket, and torqued the cover back on. With some fresh oil and coolant she started up almost immediately. I should have a chance to test drive the car in a few days. After that, I mostly just have to work on the rest of the glass, install the RH fuel tank and do some little odds and ends. More soon....


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