Mini Rebuild


Step 54 - Painted


A lot of time has passed but the Mini has finally returned from the bodyshop:

Mini Rebuild - Step 54

I was lucky enough to find Nick Upton, a talented young man who restores and paints Mini and Mini variants almost exclusively. His craftsmanship and knowledge of Mini's is quite evident. I highly recommend his shop, Boot2Bonnet in Woodland, California.


Mini Rebuild - Step 54


I know I talked since the beginning of this project about painting the car green but I could not find a shade I was happy with. This color combination was one I had set aside as an alternate choice. I still think the right shade of bright green would have been great for this car, but I am pleased with my decision.


Mini Rebuild - Step 54

So now what? The entire electrical system needs to be built, installed and tested. Stainless steel rigid fuel lines must be installed. I'm going to re-do some of my custom brackets. After installing all the mechanical items then it will be on to the interior and exterior trim. This will all take a fair bit of time and I want to do it right. Hopefully she'll be on the road and reasonably well sorted within 6 months.


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